Welcome to URBAN CODE - a new, dynamic company based in Aarhus, Denmark. .

We design, produce and sell city souvenirs. We offer mugs, t-shirts, magnets, shopping bags and more :)

Our ambition is to reflect the spirit of youth, friendship and community in the designs.

We repurpose images and concepts of Aarhus for use in everyday products. Inspired by ideas of Danish design, Nordic simplicity and elegance we hope to create a new modern city souvenir.

We cooperate with Aarhus artists and talented graphic designers. We believe in local synergy and sense of community.

We think that Aarhus - a colourful, friendly and dynamic city - deserves new city souvenirs with a modern Nordic twist.

Our passion is to make it happen.

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Jandira Thomsen

Joanna Gammelgaard

Apart from running our company, we are both Aarhus guides who do guided Aarhus tours at weekends as Aarhus Explorers.

We have been mentioned a few times in the local news and in English speaking blogs, and if you care to read on, here are a few links:

Århus Stiftstidende (Danish)
Elille's blog (English)
Wingzit.co.uk (English)
Favrskov-Posten (Danish)

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We also cooperate with and represent in Denmark, a competent agency based in Poznan, Poland, so if you have enquiries regarding customized souvenirs or promotional material, please contact us.
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