Mirek Kaczmarek, author of ‘Smilets By - Aarhus - City of Smiles’

Graduated from Poznan Art Academy (Department of Visual Communication). Stage designer, costume designer, multimedia artist, lighting director - since his debut in 2001 he has directed visually over 100 theatre plays. Author of the Polish Pavillion at 11th Prague Quadriennale of Stage Design and Theatre Architecture in 2007. Laureate of theatre awards. Since 1997 Mirek has been a leader of a graphic studio 36,6 C design and since 2013 he has been creating gadgets for
nomoredesign.com. Involved in work on video installations and happenings. Inspired by Nordic nature and Danish design. Likes to spend early springs and beginnings of autumn in Danish summer houses.

Thomas Kruse, author of ’Aarhus - city of my dreams/ Aarhus - mine drømmes by’

Thomas has been mainly working as a graphic artist and theatre designer, but graduated as an architect. Since the 1960s he has made illustrations and pictures to children’s books, poetry collections, newspapers, magazines and record covers. Known as an author of wall paintings (murals) and posters, often with topics on environment and sustainability, children, war, peace and love. Involved in culture and art projects in Denmark and abroad, he has organised art projects in over 125 schools, public institutions and prisons all over the country. In the 60s and 70s a member of an artist group Røde Mor. Lecturer, activist and event coordinator. More about Thomas: 

Daria Mielcarzewicz, author of ‘Thor for Aarhus and 'Butterfly'

Daria is a graphic designer and photographer. Involved in numerous graphic and photographic projects for Polish festivals, theatres and companies. She has made book covers and posters, and also huge collages on buildings in Poznan, Poland (April 2015). Works and designs for REKORD advertising agency and a shop for book-lovers and bookworms:
www.sklepzcytatami.pl, which has been ranked as one of ten strangest shops in the world (according to the Polish magazine for travellers ‘Podróże’). Participated in collective art exhibitions, as well as a few solo ones presenting posters and photographs around the country. More about Daria: http://dariamielcarzewicz.com

Helene Koefoed, author of ‘My Aarhus’

Helene is a Danish painter and painting teacher, graduated from Aarhus Art Academy. She has a degree in drawing, painting and lithography from the Academy of Fine Arts and has had exhibitions all over Scandinavia. As she says herself she uses colours and symbols to express the experiences she has. Therefore, each painting has its own history.

Anne-Grete Andersen, author of 'Viking Denmark'

Anne-Grete is an architect and she has been employed at the Aarhus School of Architecture at the department of Architecture Cultural Heritage as a lecturer for 26 years. She specialises in cultural environments analysis. In 2012 she published a book ‘Analytic drawing and techniques’ - partially inspired by her own drawings she made for public authorities working on a municipal atlas and a cultural environment atlas, and drawings made for her own pleasure on study trips. She has been involved in a research project about method development in relation to mapping of cities and buildings, that are protected and worthy of protection. In 2017 she finished her postdoc “The meaning of the place - about sustainability in the architectural cultural heritage”.

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